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Live Data Access

This demonstration software shows the possibilities of distributing iSeries data to any authorised person across the web.
It is a simple example using NetData Programs with HTML & JavaScript, to interface with RPGLE accessing native iSeries data.

There is no special client programming required, as to the user, it is simply a web page.

We have two examples here

1) Helpdesk
This is a system that allows customers/users to log problems with their support company (i.e. it writes data to the iSeries)

2) E-Supplier
This example allows suppliers to see the customer requirements of raw materials.
We have taken off the user passwords to allow access to the demonstration, but user set-up is extremely easy to do.
In this example the data is drawn off a static subset of dynamic data (as you would not necessarily wish your suppliers to see your forecasted requirements if you were performing "what if" scenarios.) This allows you to choose when you allow your suppliers to see the new data. If you did want dynamic access to stock figures etc, this is as easy to do. It is also possible to add in a download facility, to translate the data into a spreadsheet, for user manipulation.

We hope you find this demonstration interesting, and if you would like further information, please
contact us

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